A Guide to Student Information System

A Guide to Student Information System

The rapid transformation in the world has led to several changes and adaptations in various sectors, and the education sector has not been untouched by this change. The constantly evolving needs and demands of students have forced schools to think about a system that is resilient and responsive to their ever-changing needs; that is how the student information management system came into the scene.

The SIS system is the software that can be used to store all the student and staff data digitally in the system. Other than that, the student information system is also used to communicate, teach and learn online. There is a lot that an SIS system can do and help schools and students alike. Here in the article, you will get to know all about the various features through which the student information system helps schools.

Benefits of Student Information System

Enhanced Staff Productivity: When there is a machine to do a meager task like taking attendance, making timetables, and grading papers then teachers feel less burdened. This leads to enhancement in their productivity, this way teachers will be able to give more attention to students and provide them with better knowledge and transmit new skills.

Better Learning Experience: The central reason why schools are focussed on including new technology and modern learning methods is students. Schools are observing that today’s students are not the same as a decade ago, nowadays students know what they want from their school and syllabus. That is why to provide students with their desired learning needs and teach them in a personalized way teachers use software like LMS and online teaching apps. Additionally, it also helps in tracking the progress reports of students too.

Better School Management: The student Information system, as its name suggests is used to store data related to students. This system streamlines all the data and operations making it easier and more accessible for teachers and administrators to work and manage all the activities. 

Feature of Student Information System

Automated Admission Process: Running the whole admission process smoothly is one of the biggest tasks that the school administration has to do. From releasing application forms to collecting, and conducting entrance exams to verifying documents, all these tasks need to be done manually. But not now, with the admission module of SIS schools can conduct the whole procedure online without any hassle. The module does all the tasks which were being done manually earlier.

Cloud ERP Storage: Keeping records of students’ documents in files and storing them in the storage room of the school, not only takes a lot of physical space but also leads to damage to documents over time. But using the cloud storage feature of the SIS system, schools can store any information online without fearing any damage or maintenance costs.

Remote Communication: Earlier students’ diaries and notice boards were the only ways to communicate with teachers and students. But as online teaching-learning is being used remote communication methods are being used too. With the help of email, alert notifications, and the live chat feature of school ERP schools and students can communicate with each other from anywhere and at any time.  

Automated Grading System: Grading exam papers is a task in itself, which takes up a lot of teachers’ time that could have been used to teach students. To solve this feature the automated grading system of SIS is introduced. This feature grades the papers submitted by students automatically and even allows teachers to write personal feedback to students.

Generates Student Progress Report: Just like checking and grading paper is a time-consuming task so is making report cards for each student. However, just like the SIS student information management system grades paper,b it creates report cards too. Teachers just have to write the student’s name and in just a few minutes it will generate a complete report analysis of that student’s academic progress and this report can be students and parents too. 

Safe and Secure: Several people might think that SIS is an online tool, making it prone to cyber threats; but that’s not the case. It is safe with features like two-factor authorization and anti-virus systems.