New Film Wait For Me (2023): Character Profiles

New Film Wait For Me

Wait For Me, set to hit the cinema this year in 2023 is about two outsiders who have been captured by the criminal underworld attempt to free themselves and start new lives to replace the families they have lost. Wait for Me, a contemporary drama that is set in the north of England and is directed by Keith Farrell and written by Bernard O’Toole, is about bravery, loss, and fatherhood. 

Alison: Played by Karren Hassan

Alison is not your average girl next door. She is as tough as nails, yet she has experienced some hardship. She is in debt and working as a ruse for Max, a vile gangster who owns prostitution rings. Alison is a victim, but she is not a victimised. She refuses to let anyone in and is content with her cold exterior. She is searching for redemption, though, deep below. The talented Karen Hassan portrays Alison, our anti-heroine, masterfully balancing the fierce and the weak.

Ged: Played by Sean McGinley

On first glance, Alison’s father might seem like a lovable rogue, but it doesn’t take long to know you’re dealing with a wicked man. If it serves Ged’s personal interests, which almost always involve quenching his desire for illegal substances, then right and evil are never in doubt. After being expelled from Ireland, Ged now depends on Max’s protection in return for his involvement in hazardous activities and, more significantly, for keeping an eye on Alison. Ged is played by actor Sean McGinley, who gives a compelling performance throughout the entire film.

Sam: Played by Aaron Cobham 

Sam is a wounded person with a dark past.  Sam is afflicted with loss and worry when we first meet him, and he has cut himself off from the outside world. Despite everything that has happened to him, he is an optimist who thinks that if you meet life halfway, it can be a wonderful thing.  He hides behind his camera and utilises photography as a coping mechanism for life. He is a creative individual who is motivated by the desire to take the ideal picture. Aaron Cobham, who portrays Sam, is a virtuoso at navigating Sam’s arduous emotional path in Wait For Me.

About the Production Company: Old Hall Films

Manchester-based Old Hall Films is a production firm that creates high-caliber material with an international audience and a northern soul.

Old Hall Films creates feature films, television dramas and documentaries, narrative shorts, and immersive storytelling. They are proud of who they are and where they have come from. Their aim to create award winning content that shows imagination create. Old Hall Films have produced fantastic stories that are exquisitely realised by collaborating with some of the greatest and most creative individuals in the area.