How to Refresh the Home Look Without Burdens of Renovation

Balance and zoning

Our house is our fortress, however, it can look like a complete mess because we simply don’t notice anything due to being tied up with things. Just take a moment and look around – if you don’t like the condition of what you see, it’s time for some refreshments. Unlike major overhauls of the house, minor changes are more time-efficient, go easier on your wallet and results are seen right away, changing the overall surroundings and mood of the place. 


Furniture sets the tone and atmosphere of the place. It outlines zones for sleeping, chatting, watching TV, playing, etc. When you rearrange it, everything changes as well. Sometimes, you can just move the table, to make a big difference. So, let’s see what furniture refreshment includes:

  1. Balance and zoning 

Balance of furniture will help to create a pleasant flow in the room, as your movement will be smooth, and you will easily access anything you need.  How to understand that something is wrong? You keep stumbling and tripping over the leg of the chair or the corner of a bed. Somehow you always have “painful meetings” with the pieces of furniture, even if they seem to be placed well. 

Analyze what items are not necessary and get rid of them, or just take them to a different room. If there’s always an armchair on your way take it closer to the window, to a well-lit place – it will create your tiny island of comfort, where you can stare at the window with a cup of latte and think over the matters. 

You can organize a zone for chatting. Just place two sofas in front of each other and outline this ‘chatting territory’ with the help of a rug. 

Don’t keep furniture for the sake of furniture, it is supposed to be functional, not clutter-making. 

2. Bed linen

The bed functions as a focal point in the bedroom, and a major provider of healthy and sound sleep. A good bed can be quite costly, thus, changing it isn’t always an option. Instead, you can change the bedding, which will make miracles as well. 

Bed linen

The bedding is recommended to be bought every two years, provided that you change it every week. Old and million-times-used bedding is non-hygienic and doesn’t benefit your sleep sensations. As soon as you finally change it, you will see how your mood changes every time your head touches the pillow. 

The main criterion for the choice is quality. Study the options that are offered by a bedding store and don’t resist the pleasure to buy a few sets to fit your preferences and the style of the room. 

3. Modular shelves

The usage of modular shelves is beneficial in many ways: you can use them for creating or separating specific zones in the room, keep some decorative stuff, or use it as storage. It functions perfectly when you need to divide your studying or working zone from the rest of the room, as it creates a cozy nook-like area. 

However, keep the balance of the knick-knack, as the more you gather, the more dusty clutter and mess you will have around. 


Walls seem to be the most difficult to change, and it probably is the main reason why we avoid renovations at any price. However, there are a few things to do, which are trouble-free, however, the result will make you really satisfied. 

1. Use peel-and-stick wallpapers 

Unlike regular wallpaper types, which require a long and tiresome process of application, the self-adhesive ones are easy to use, look for, and change, if you suddenly want a different color scheme in the room. 

2. Create an accent wall

Create an accent wall

If you have no plans to change the cover of all the walls, choose one and make it the centerpiece, an accent wall. You can accentuate it with the help of peel-and-stick wallpapers as well, choosing a preferred color or pattern. Such a wall can be lit from the sides, attracting the biggest portion of attention. If you choose a plain color for it, you can decorate it with photos, or paintings, something that will always warm up your heart. 


The change of decoration is always a winning strategy. You just alter the curtains, and the whole room changes its atmosphere, depending on the color and texture of your choice. You can bring in more lightness and air with the help of sheer curtains, hide from the whole world using heavy drapes, or just combine both and use them depending on the part of the day or your mood. 

Bringing some plants as a part of refreshment will also make the room vibrant, however, you need to look after them as dried ones look sad, ruining the positive look of the place. 

House refreshment doesn’t require dramatic changes and lots of financial investments. You can alter a few things, and the whole place will sparkle with new colors and life. Step-by-step you can modify everything, avoiding all the burdens of a major overhaul, and, most importantly, creating a cozy atmosphere of home.